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How to Change Bluetooth Codec and Improve Wireless Audio Quality:

On Your Android Phone for Free

Those who are electronic freak know the prominence of the role of the wireless audio experience as well as its latency. Many of us are in habit of using expensive wireless earphones such as Bose QC 35, and this becomes very important that they play it at the good audio codec. But sadly, the company does not give a good display and customizes Bluetooth codec.

How to Change Bluetooth Codecs and Improve Wireless Audio Quality on Your Android Phone for Free

Best Bluetooth codec: AAC, SBC, or aptx

What is Bluetooth codec?

It is for those who will be hearing about codec for the first time. It is one for using. Even, if it is a short form of coding and decoding. When someone has wireless earphones, the audio signal is coded and then one can even send that to the earphones where it is decoded.

This has even perfect lost and founds sound compression, noticeable latency and less- power consumption. Latest codecs such as AAC and aptX!

What is codec

Android –

it is even the most straight forward method is in Android. This device is one of aptX and AAC compatible and will even run at the highest codec when your headphones are good. If you are willing to change or pull the Bluetooth codec first, then you will be able to connect your Bluetooth to your device.

After doing all these things you are able in enjoying your song on your phone (as codec will get activated automatically) now you will have to go to the settings menu and move to the Developer options. But just in case if you do not have any developer option then you can read this and follow up on the next step.

When you reach the developer options menu you will have to connect to the network section and then tap on the ‘Bluetooth audio codec’. The best part has come as there will be options for singling out the best codec.

The only thing which your Bluetooth codec will have to deal with is, being capable of supporting the device otherwise there will be no audio playing.

The next step will take place by default and that the audio will be selected by itself and you do not need to do that. And if this will be there on the SBC, you will be able to switch to the AAC or aptX, whatever your headphone is supporting.

MacOS –

this one is, of course, different from the Android. Qualcomm aptX HD gets support on the macOS (this is not for the iPhone users) but here, Apple will not permit you for forcing p or changing it. MacOS even switch to the SBC for saving battery and managing thermals.

There is even one thing which you will have to do which is downloading the Additional Tools for Xcode from the Apple developer website. But even if there is no registration on the site you are allowed to it for free.

When you will be done with each step of downloading. Now double click for opening up the folder. Connect to the ‘hardware’ folder and there you will get Bluetooth

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