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How To Unlock A Phone On Every Carrier

This often happens with people that their phone contract gets closed to finish and upgrade becomes necessary. However, to upgrade that one will have to stick to their phone. The phone is an important part of everyone’s life but to operate them freely we need to know how to do that. That is why you have a guide on how to unlock a phone on every carrier –

How To Unlock A Phone On Every Carrier

Things need to be done

Unlocking phone demands a lot from the users’ patience and their time. Nevertheless, this also becomes necessary to unlock your phone before you plan to leave your current carrier. Here users’ will have to do these things.

  • IMEI number of your device
  • Name of the account holder and its account number.
  • Phone number is also important
  • A completed contract or the device payment plan.
  • The account holder’s social security number and the password.
  • The overseas deployment papers will be needed.

Unlock the version zone

Many of us use GSM and many CDMA for channel access. If you are buying devices of the big red then this always comes with an unlocked SIM Card slot. Only 4G LTE devices are not locked so even if you are thinking to bring them. You will have to bring another carrier and for that, there will be no code. It becomes mandatory to rejig the phone’s radios for other networks.

Unlock the version zone

Note – Verizon does not have any online process of making an unlock request. But you may call on the given number 888- 294- 6804 and request a SIM unlock.

The process of this is different for the post-paid 3G devices on Verizon’s network. There are many which are not locked but need for entering the code – which should be either ‘000000’ or 123456.

Process of unlocking an AT& T phone

There is a process of unlocking a cell phone fro AT& T, which might look puzzled than with Verizon. Here is the list in which you may check out how to do this unlocking your AT& T handset.

  • The device should be working on the network of AT& T.
  • And if you are a current customer then the current contract or installment plan should be completely paid off which includes early termination fees. Or even you do not have, you can pay off plan early and wait for the next 20 hours before making any request.
  • And this should not be active on any different AT& T customer’s account.
  • Keep this in mind that it should not be reported lost or stolen or even involved in any sort of fraud.
  • This should be attached to the accounts with ‘good standing’ that is one should not be connected with any criminal and fraud activity.
  • This must be active at least for 60 days without any past due or unpaid balance.
  • And if you have upgraded this even early then this will have to wait for the next 14 days. This will be the buyer’s remorse period (30 days for the business customers) for passing before you unlock your old phone.

AT& T has an unlock request form to offer which anyone can fill online. You can enter your AT& T mobile number or even if you have already switched and the IMEI number from your AT& T device this will also work. As soon as you submit, this form and then you will have 24 hours for clicking the link. After some time you will receive instructions for unlocking your device through email within two trade days for the request being made.

Ways to unlock a T- mobile phone

If you have made up your mind then there are many things to do it. Here are some of the ways.

  • The mandatory demand: it should be a device from the T- mobile
  • This should be connected to the account, which is in ‘good standing’.
  • It should not be reported lost, stolen or blocked.
  • When the device is on the service contract, then at least 18 consecutive monthly payments should be done.
  • But if you are using the T- mobile’s tool installment plan. Keep this clear to yourself payment should be completely paid.
  • T- Mobile might ask you for evidence of buying.

How to unlock a sprint phone?

This is a domestic SIM card modeled devices launched after 2015. They will automatically be unlocked when they become eligible. However, here is the method to do it.

  • The device should obviously be from sprint.
  • This should be domestic SIM unlock potential (if unlocking for the domestic united states)
  • This should be connected or attached to any account in ‘good standing’.
  • It should not have been reported lost or stolen or even blocked or connected with any sham activity.
  • This should already be activated at least for 50 days on the requesting line.
  • The user must be free of all burdens, which include these things pending payments or fees.

Reason for your new phone carrier– locked

There are various phones locked to a particular carrier or the network. There are three options to unlock your phone.

  1. Either you can make a call to your carrier and by contacting them. Rest they will handle.
  2. Or purchase any unlock code online.
  3. Be sure about your new phone, which is not locked in the first place.

Note – when your carrier is locked it does also matter where you are. Suppose if you are in the US then you will need to have a complete contract or payment plan. In addition, the other thing, which should be in the mind, is that the buyer should not buy a locked phone.


These are some of the guidelines, which would sort out your issues. Many of us even after knowing to commit this mistake. However, anyone who has to find out the best solutions for unlocking their carrier must not worry instead. They should try these options for getting rid of the issue.

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