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How to Use Android without Google

Everything You Need to Know

Using Google on android is of course very easy and simple. Google services are so useful and one might even use the information to cater to each of all.

How to Use Android without Google: Everything You Need to Know

Android has become of the greatest sources of advantage. This even looks like that Google will even do everything in the power for making sure you stick to it. But there are various alternative of Google which may be used on the android devices.

Google search alternatives

If you do not have Google from your phone, you still need not worry about it so just install the alternatives. There are good alternatives for the Google search. But they are of course not an example of the personalized content and suggestions. But they will take care of your private data.

Google search alternatives

There is one engine that will suit it correctly and that is DuckDuckGo. This Alternative search is one of the very popular engines for the tight privacy and secure line which this offers. There are some of its feature which adds up is about not tracking, no targeted advertising and much more.

Google play store alternatives – you cannot separate android and android applications as they are like day and night.  Google play store is one of the primary destinations for downloading apps.  No one would deny from this fact that this has been set to our mind that only Google play store and Google apps are the best. But when we use alternatives we get to see we have more options with the best quality. if you want to go for the alternative of the Google play store then it can be F-droid. This one has free and open sources for android apps.

Google apps alternatives – today almost all the mobiles give pre-installed with the android devices such as maps, YouTube, Gmail, etc. however Google will also permit one in disabling each and every one. There are many alternatives to each app whether it is WhatsApp or other social media platforms.  You can replace them and install alternative of every app you have.

Google chrome web browser alternative – along with all the cryptocurrency mining and privacy hijacks, genuine browsers are there. However, these are difficult to get from somewhere else but not impossible to find. So here are some of them such as duck Go.

Google chrome web browser alternative

Difficult in removing Google from the android device

  • At first stop the Google services
  • Then remove the account
  • Reset the complete device
  • Now install a custom ROM

Some more ways to do it before you that –

  • Uninstall or disable the complete Google apps
  • Then review your Google account activity controls
  • Pause the location and web tracking
  • Turn off the Google account sync
  • Then turn off the Google assistant

Final words

So those myths might be aired now. Indeed we have the best of the Google alternatives and those are in fact promising ones.

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