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How to use Sound Amplifier on Android 10?

Google has always been keen on providing its users with a fresh experience through its Android platform. Be it related to the User Interface, the navigation keys, Multi-Window mode or even the minuscule changes that comes with every Android update.

From functions for the neophyte gamers to aspiring shutterbug, from functions for the highly sophisticated netizens to sound enhancements for music enthusiasts, Google’s Android has it all. And, with every Android update, it has worked towards increasing the ease of access for its users.

How to use Sound Amplifier on Android 10

Today, we will delve deeper into the spectrum of the sound amplifier on Android Q or mostly renowned as Android 10. Sound Amplifiers are present on the Android platform since Android 6 Marshmellow. The idea behind introducing amplifiers was to give users relishing experience when it comes to listening to songs via headphones. It allows users to customize frequencies and strike a balance between foreground and background noise and listen to a more emphasized and pleasing music.

Working of Sound Amplifier on Android 10

Well, first you need to know that if your phone has a built-in Sound Amplifier or not.

For that you need to go to your Settings->Accessibility->Sound Amplifier. If you don’t find this function, don’t panic; just go to the Google Play Store and download it. It basically improvises the sound quality when we tune to play music or even make a phone call. In order to experience this, one needs to plug in the headphone.

Turning on the Sound Amplifier

If you have already installed the Sound Amplifier on your device, then follow the below steps to start it.

  1. Open the Settings of your phone.
  2. Click on Accessibility, then on Sound Amplifier.
  3. Now, click on Use service.
  4. You have to allow the permissions here.
  5. Connect the earphones/headphones to your phone.
  6. You are now ready to start the Sound Amplifier.

Changing the setting of the Sound Amplifier 

One can adjust the tuning levels and loudness to fit the environment. Follow the below steps –

  1. On your phone, go to the Sound Amplifier.

In the settings of Sound Amplifier, you can experiment with these alternatives as per your choice:

      • Click on Pause to pause the amplification.
      • You can also modify the sound settings. Go to the Sound tab. Here, try adjusting the Fine-tuning control and find the best setup for you.
      • On the same tab, you can click on the Adjust ears separately.  It will apply the settings to the right and left audio individually.
      • To reduce the unwanted sounds, click on the Noise tab. Here, you can alter the noise attenuation level.

The Sound Amplifier comes with multiple functions wherein each ear sound can be adjusted as per users’ needs. The features include sound enhancements with noise reduction along with source selection.

The features have sub enhancements which as a consequence opens a broader level of sound configuration. More to it is the boost and fine-tune enhancement that comes hand in hand.

At the end

More or less, the Sound Amplifier works in a similar way as you apply filters to your photos. The filters beautify the selfies and snaps while the Sound Amplifier filters your sound. Thus, providing you a fresh experience and lets you secluded from the outer world.

Now, you don’t have to worry about the noise encapsulating you. Whether you are traveling or going for a workout, just plug in your earphones and dwell into your own world.

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