Motorola Moto Z4 REVIEW | All Information and Details

Usually, Motorola is highly popular for its design and its budget. It is the main reason where millions of them used to purchase the brand Motorola. Now, Motorola is again back with the recent Z-series. It is also considering that the recent model’s design is highly having the similarities with previous Z series model. One should keep it in mind that Moto Z was said to be the flagship device. So, instead of running on the same track, the Motorola brand has decided to launch the recent model called Motorola Moto Z4. Well, it is the midrange device.

Motorola Moto Z4 REVIEW

When it comes to Z4, Motorola is decided to move ahead with the processor Snapdragon that is said to be the mid-range one. It is also indicating that the device is a mid-range device to access. If you see this model, it mainly comes up with recent updates where one can witness in other recently launched devices. Apart from that, you can expect the in-display fingerprint scanner as well as a high-resolution camera with 48MP.

Motorola Moto Z4 design

It is a fourth-generation device of Moto Z. For information, the footprint is the same as you can witness in the original device. If you see the display, then it comes up with 6.4 inches and covers the available space to deliver an attractive look. On the other side, this brand is also focused on offering the fingerprint scanner, which is available in the OLED display. When compared to previous models, the availability of designs brings some attractive look over the phone frame. If you are aware of Z-series’ previous models, then you must know that Moto Z had a metal black with the support of glass bumpers. If you come to Motorola Moto Z4, then it offers the glass frosted when it comes to this model.

Motorola Moto Z4 Design

When you are looking for the facing camera, then it comes up with 25MP. In previous Z-series models, you made a witness over the full-sized earpiece. However, the availability of loudspeaker in the Motorola Moto Z4 model, it is moved to the top of the device. One should keep it in mind that there is a dedicated speaker given at the top-edge for handling the phone calls. When you see the SIM tray, it mainly gets set with micro SD that supports up to 512 GB as well as nanoSIM.

Easy to hold

There is also a power key and volume button available on the right side of this phone. You can also see the USB-C charging port, which is located at the bottom of this device. If you are looking for the outer frame, then it is highly built from aluminum. Yes, it comes up with a matte finish as well. The thing is where the frame is easy for users to hold without any issues. If you see the frame, the narrower look makes the gap to get even more grip while holding the device.

Even you can see that the device is mainly come up with the version of Flash Grey. Also, it offers a better result in terms of hiding the fingerprints than the usual glass. At the same time, it is easy for users to get more grips and hold the phone without any fear while carrying. The availability of a camera provides a single camera sensor of 48 MP. In addition, you can experience that the geometric matrix pattern is available around the camera, which makes even cooler in terms of look. When it comes to Motorola Moto Z4, it is highly compatible with all older Moto Mods. Also, it supports Verizon’s 5G Moto Mod.

Though the design is familiar and resembles with previous models, you can see a lot of changes design-wise. This amazing device is having the right control of offering the perfect grip to hold without any hassles. Yes, it makes the users to feel comfortable while holding it.

Quality Loudspeakers

From the first Moto Z-series phones, all the devices are built with a front-facing loudspeaker and even the same speakers used for phone calls. In Z4, to experience the near-bezel less display, the loudspeaker has moved top of the device. However, in most of the devices as per the current trend, it has become common to see the loudspeaker at the top of the device. On the other side, when you are looking for quality, then it will offer better audio quality on the whole and at the same time, it is highly impressive.

Motorola Moto Z4 Quality Loudspeaker

It is also said to be the loudest device when compared to others and it offers good clarity in terms of audio. Therefore, performance-wise in audio, it produces the solid clarity sound and at the same time, it is quality as well. It is one of the main reasons where people are looking for this device to buy from the market.

Battery life

Generally, the device comes with a battery capacity of 3600mAh. But, due to larger display, there will be a chance of witnessing more battery consumption. It has the potential to manage around 70h in a single charge. However, with different usages like web browsing and video playback, you may witness a different level of consumption. So, when it comes to battery life, there will be changes that one should keep it in mind.

But the thing is battery life is quite good even after the huge consumption. If you are handling the moderate usage, then you may witness the better battery usage for most of the time. On the whole, the battery life is good in Z4.

Sensor on Moto

As we mentioned earlier, Z4 comes up with the best support of 48MP which mainly used the Quad Pixel Technology that offers the outcome of 12MP images. For information, it is the equivalent to 1.6um pixel size. In Z4, it also has a good combination of OIS as well as LED flash to offer a nice quality picture. This camera is having the phase-detect autofocus along with laser-assisted autofocus.

The performance in this camera is always greater than expected. Yes, it is highly possible with the support of the camera sensor of 48MP. So, whenever people want to take amazing snaps with great quality, then without going for a second thought, this Z4‘s camera is the best pick for better execution.

User-interface of camera

Most of them might think that the interface is quite complicated, but it is not. Yes, it has such simple options where you can follow and make use of it. In order to handle the photo shooting, then the availability of video viewfinder will be helpful to offer easy framing. By just swiping another side, you can able to see the different modes available in it to pick and use. You can expect the main camera, which always offers portrait mode, and there is also a mode like cinemagraph. Yes, it helps to shoot short videos that whenever you want. With the support of different options, you can make better pictures and videos in the end.

Final words

Therefore, people who want to buy Motorola Z4, and then it is necessary for them to know about the phone in-depth. For those people, the above-mentioned review would be helpful and at the same time supportive before the purchase.


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