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How to Record a Call on iPhone or Android Phone for Free?

Sometimes, you just need to record phone calls just for your personal records, whether for business, work, or sentimental purposes. The problem is that there is no default option to record calls on iPhone and Android handsets.

How to Record a Call on iPhone or Android Phone for Free

If you desperately want to save your conversations as an audio file, you can try different ways like screen recorder apps. The laws on call recording vary by country. Be sure not to breach the law before trying any call recorder options. Do some research and check with other parties before recording.

Recording Call on Android Phone

You just have to follow these steps to do a call recording on Android –

Recording Call on Android Phone

  • First of all, download Cube Call Recorder.
  • Launch the app on your Android device.
  • Allow the app permissions and select “Enable Overlay”.
  • Be sure to disable the battery saver in your device to allow this app to record voice calls. You can go to Settings but its actual location varies by phone. Normally, this option is available under Optimization by going to Settings.
  • Now you have to answer any call you get or call someone. This app will record the call automatically.

Keep in mind that the recorded call volume might be a little low on some phones. It is a small issue as the recording will be clear.

Recording Call on iPhone

Recording phone calls on the iPhone is not that easy. You can find different call recording apps available on the App store. However, you may not be able to find the good ones. They ask for a recording fee on a per-minute basis and it’s not a good value. There are two different ways to record calls easily on iPhone and both have another device. You need to follow these steps if you have an Android device –

Recording Call on iPhone

  • Be sure that your device has an active SIM card so you can receive calls.
  • Now you need to download Cube Call Recorder on your android device and allow call recording by going through the above steps.
  • Call your Android device from iPhone.
  • Answer the call.
  • Tap Add Call on your iPhone.
  • Call anyone or any number from your contacts.
  • Tap Merge calls once they receive your call.

The call recorder app will start recording the call automatically on your Android device. The recording will be stopped once the call ends or dropped.

Recording a Call on iPhone or Android in loudspeaker mode

Using another tablet or phone is the fastest and easiest way to record a call. iOS devices already have a voice memo app and Android devices have a default voice recorder. The thing is you need to receive or make a call on the loudspeaker and set up another device to record. This way, you can record both sides of the calls.

Recording a Call on iPhone or Android in loudspeaker mode

Be sure to do it in a calm and silent room where there is no distraction or noise, like ambient chatters or people walking around. The audio quality might vary as per the microphone on the second device.

Recording a Phone Call on iPhone or Android with Google Voice

Google Voice is the perfect go-to app when it comes to record calls. As the name suggests, it is Google’s official app for Wi-Fi calling. You can set up the app to record incoming calls. But it won’t record outgoing calls.

google voice

Go to the settings menu in the app, select “Calls” and go to Incoming Call Settings. When you press 4 on the number pad on call once it is active, it will start recording the call. Keep in mind that both of you will know that your conversation is being recorded and it will notify you that it is happening. Google Voice is not available currently in all countries. This recording technique will not work as per your location. So, be sure that this app supports your location before recording.

Recording Phone call on iPhone or Android via a Third-Party Call Recorder App

If you are not willing to use Google Voice, there are several other apps to record calls but they have certain cons. Some of those apps are paid while some ask for a fee as per the minutes of calls you record. Here are some of the call recorder apps for Android and iOS to check out –

  • Call Recorder Lite – This iOS app can record both outgoing and incoming calls. You will have to make a payment if you want to record longer calls. It can record calls for as long as you want. There are several apps available on the App Store and Google Play. It is worth to check out if you want a free app.
  • Call Recorder – It is an Android app to manage recordings and record calls. You can back up the calls by categorizing them or on the cloud. It also comes with caller ID to recognize unknown calls.

How to Ensure Recording Clarity?

In order to ensure the best clarity, you should look for a peaceful environment to record the call. Find a quiet room in your home. Disable notifications and incoming calls. Be sure you are not close to the fan if you are turning on the loudspeaker. Be sure to keep the call recorder away from the keyboard if you want to type notes on the call. You can perform a test recording and ensure that you are not going to miss anything.

If another person is speaking unclearly or too fast, ask them to say it again. Rephrase the questions or repeat answers if you could not understand the other party. It will help you later when it comes to hiring someone to transcribe. You may want to add timestamps in professional transcripts. This way, you can easily revert and repeat the words.

What about Legal Issues in Recording Calls?

Keep in mind that recording conversations or calls may not be legal in some states in the US or in some countries. Some countries have provisions for one-party consent. It means you need to ask for permission before recording calls.



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