The Funniest Things to Ask Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa can perform lots of tasks for you. From home control to food delivery, she has solutions to all the problems you have. She can also give some unexpected responses or funny answers to the questions you have in mind. The users can also try the funniest things to ask alexa and get the interesting answers.

The Funniest Things to Ask Alexa

We are here to share some of the wittiest responses by Alexa. Here are some of the funniest things to ask alexa for goofy answers. You don’t have to add any skill to try these questions.

  1. Do You Wanna Date with me?

Can’t find a perfect match for online dating? Don’t lose heart. You can propose Alexa to be your girlfriend. But be ready because you might be friend-zoned.

Example – “I like you but as a friend

Alexa loves to have fun but she is not made for any commitment.

  1. Can You Sneeze?

We can’t tell you what Alexa has to do with a sneeze command added by Amazon. Of course, it is one of her secret talents.

Example – “Luckily, I can sneeze for you. ACHOO!”

Get a tissue handy. Who knows what bug she is spreading?

  1. Can You Rap?

Alexa is a chatterbox like you. But she is talented enough to be a rapper for you. Ask her to rap something and be ready to hear the track from your Echo mixtape.

  1. Can You Hide a Body?

People asked several ridiculous questions to the first dedicated virtual assistant, Apple’s Siri. “Where can I hide a body?” was one of the epic questions of that time. Siri would list the dumps and swamps nearby initially. But a screenshot of her answer was gone viral in a murder case. Since then, the company changed her response to “I used to know the answer”.

If you ask the same weird question to Alexa, be ready to get a weird response.

Example – “Can I take the body to the police?”

We hope you don’t want to be in such a scenario.

Is the Cake a Lie?

The most popular puzzle title “Portal” in 2007 has had a line that became all-time favorite for gamers. While traveling along the Aperture Science test chambers, the GLaDOS, a robot promises you a cake once you finish the testing.

But you can find a lot of dens where an escaped scientist claims “the cake is a lie” and warns you that you won’t receive cake at the end. Alexa seems to take the side of GLaDOS as she loves the cake.

Example – “No cake is real. In fact, it is moist and juicy. You can taste some if you have done asking questions.”

Do You Know Google Home/Siri/Cortana?

Alexa knows it very well that she is not the only virtual assistant and she has got good competition. But she doesn’t like to discuss anything much about others. You may try asking whether she likes or knows Cortana, Siri or Google Home.

Example – “I know Google Home or Siri only by name. But I like Cortana.”

If you ask what Google Now is, she might have some typical answers. She may want to ignore other smart speakers and such types of answers.

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