The Best Samsung Galaxy S10e Phone Cases

Samsung has launched many Galaxy phones in the past 2-3 years with different features and specifications. But if you’re seeking for a high-performance smartphone, then the Samsung Galaxy S10e model is your best set. The dimensions of Samsung Galaxy S10e are 5.6 × 2.8 × 0.3 inches and it weighs 5.3 ouches.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Phone Cases

The design and material of the model are so amazing that you feel like touching it all day. When you love your phone, it’s your duty to keep it safe and away from any scratches. So here comes some colorful phone cases that will keep your phone safe from scratch and scuff.

This article will help you find the best phone cover for the S10e model at an affordable price. Save your Samsung Galaxy S10e Phone Cases along with prices.

Super Thin Case

Not everyone likes bulky cases. They make the phone heavier than it is already. So why not choose a slim yet strong phone case for your S10e. The peel thin cases are so thin that you can see through them. This cover can protect the triple camera from scratch, bumps, and small water droplets. This peel super thin case will shield the phone from any possible scratch.

So, all those who are looking for a non-bulky, light-weight, super slim and stagnant phone covers or cases, then they should go for this case for their S10e model. The case costs $29 which is more than an ordinary phone case due to its high composite material and design. It’s all worth it when it comes to protecting expensive smartphones.

Tough Neon Case

The case-mate tough neon case is all dreamy. The vibrant neon color makes the phone look brighter and catchy. Additionally, it protects the phone from slip and falls because it is made out of a tough material that is tougher than melamine glass. It gets you a strong grip to hold your Samsung S10e phone in hands or any surface.

What makes this case so special? The main concept of introducing a neon case is it glows in the dark which is good. In case you lost your phone in a crowd, the glow will help you detect it easily. It looks stylish and unique. The case costs $25; the cost varies from website to website.

Ghostek Nautical2 Waterproof Case

Nowadays, all the smartphones come with the waterproofing system. And Samsung S10e already got IP68-rating for a water-resistance system which is good enough to prevent it from water drops. But, if you wish to add some more safety to your phone then Ghostek Nautical2 waterproof covers can do it inexpensively.

The transparent case comes with a polycarbonate + absorbent TPU material to protect the phone from drops, bumps and tiny scratches on the phone. The screen is safe as well as it covers your entire phone without using any additional screen-guard elements. Want to buy this case? Get it for $35 on Walmart and Amazon.

Ringke Fusion-X DDP

Can’t deny! Ringke Fusion-X DDP phone cases are the best and the coolest for your new Samsung Galaxy S10e. Despite its partially transparent grey camouflage pattern on the rear polycarbonate material, it is totally awesome.

This case adds protection to the screen and camera lenses. It also has a hole for lanyard and charger. You could not miss this one; it’s a wonderful screen protector for the price of $13.

UAG Monarch Case

Tough protection with an eye-catching monarch case by Urban Armor Gear (UAG) can be your new favorite. The leather panel+ metal layer serves as a great combination that enhances the look of the Samsung Galaxy S10e model.

The crimson and black combo takes it to a whole new level and makes it look elegant and stylish at the same time. Buy this case on Amazon at 50$ and $76 at Google Express. Buy this Monarch Case and add beauty to your Samsung S10e model.

Speck Presidio Grip

This could be the best choice if you’re a careless phone handler. No offense. The S10e model is a shiny, slim and light-weight smartphone and it loses grip if you keep it in its original state and handle it with bare hands.

The rough surface of the case doesn’t let you lose grip and protect your phone from all sides. The case comes in various colors and styles, you can pick whichever you like. You can find them online on Amazon. The cases are expensive, but will definitely give additional protection to your new Samsung S10e model.

Liberty London Strawberry Thief- Tech21 Pure Print

You must know Liberty London as a famous brand if you’ve used their phone cases previously. The new phone case has Tech21 pure print, which looks beautiful from back and does excellent protection of the latest and newest Samsung S10e smartphone.

Buy this beautiful strawberry thief printed phone case at $50 at Tech 21. Do not look for the price. The cases are long-lasting and trusted. They will provide good protection to your S10e model.

Pelican Voyager Case

If you are looking for a case that provides solid protection, then Pelican’s Voyager case is the best choice. It has a 4-layered protection system to ensure complete protection of your Samsung S10e variant. The case comes with a detachable holster and swiveling belt clip to shield the screen.

The black matte texture of the case makes it so simple yet stylish enough to carry your Samsung S10e model. It could be an ideal case for this model. Go, buy it at $45 on Amazon and roam stress-free with your expensive and brilliant Samsung S10e model.

Why Samsung Galaxy S10e need additional protection?  

The model has all the best built-in accessories but still, it needs protection from outside due to its light-weight-ness and slim body. Protecting the camera is important. If you use this smartphone model without a phone case or cover, you might end up scratching the lens. So, it is suggested to always carry your S10e model using 100% water-resistant, good-material quality phone case.

So, this was the list of the best and lovable range of Galaxy S10e Phone Cases for all new Samsung Galaxy S10e model.

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