Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Vs. Echo Dot With Clock Review

The two popularly known intelligent speakers in the market are Echo Dot and the Echo Dot with Clock. Amazon launched new models of both Alexa-powered speakers recently this week: Echo (3rd generation) and Echo Dot with Clock. But, which one should you go with, the Amazon Echo Dot or Amazon Echo Dot with Clock? Which device is the best? Let’s take a look at the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Vs. Echo Dot With Clock battle.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen
Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Both Amazon’s devices have the same array of microphones, the same design, and dimensions and similar colours. Both the speakers are designed to detect your voice from all angles of your room. Except for ample similarities, they share a significant difference also. I will break it down for your understanding of the Amazon Echo Dot versus Amazon Echo Dot with the clock.

Before we discuss this, first, let’s talk about Alexa.

Alexa On Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Vs. Echo Dot With Clock

Both the speakers are accompanied by Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. You can instruct Alexa to read the news, resolve the problem of arithmetic, to forecast the weather, play music, trigger the lights, and much more. You can even develop your skills with Alexa Blueprints on the Echo Dot or the clock devices. Nevertheless, Alexa still has new features. With Alexa Guard, Alexa can hear hazardous sounds. Alexa will speak to your visitors with a new feature called “doorbell concierge” if you have a smart ring doorbell.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Features
Echo Dot 3rd Gen Features

Alexa is the wake word that defiantly controls these devices. If you want the voice assistant to bear another name, you can change the wake word. Both the devices are designed to hear you everywhere in the room with a 4-far field, 360-degree omnidirectional microphones. Are you a music lover who plays music every day? Don’t worry. Alexa will tell you about your fluttering choice regardless of whether you have the Echo Dot or the Dot with the clock.

These days, there are many intelligent technology alternatives in the market consistent with Amazon’s Echoes’. You can monitor your smart home technologies directly through your Echo speakers or the Alexa App, from Honeywell thermostat to the Philips Hue lighting systems. More than 85,000 smart home products are compatible with Alexa.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Voice Control
Echo Dot 3rd Gen Voice Control

Features Of Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Vs. Echo Dot With Clock

  • Size, Looks, And Portability

There is no difference between both the devices in terms of size, weight, and even the look. Both the speakers share the same size and the weight, i.e., 1.6″ and 10.6 oz, respectively. If you take a first glance at both the devices, you can hardly find any difference. You can carry them in your bag when going for parties or make room in your home even if you don’t have a lot of storage space for smart home devices. Hence, in terms of portability, both the Echo Dots’ are rated with five stars.

Echo Dot With Clock Feat
Echo Dot With Clock Feat
  • Quality Of Sound

Both the devices have Echo, which has a more prominent, more powerful 360-degree speaker, although both systems have built-in microphones. Both the speakers have upgraded music streaming and can pair with multiple devices for stereo sound. You can also make free audio calls to the US, Mexico, and Canada.

  • Aesthetics

Are you curious about which one is going to fit in best with the current furniture and equipment in your home? If we talk about options in colours, the 3rd-gen Echo Dot is accessible in 4 colours, charcoal, heather grey, plum, and sandstone. You would certainly have no difficulty finding one that suits your home décor with a wide variety of styles. You can also choose to have the Echo Dot with Clock, which comes in only one colour, sandstone.

Echo Dot With Clock
Echo Dot With Clock
  • LED Screen

There is no doubt that Echo Dot with Clock is a better iteration than the previous models as you would no more have to see the boring screen all the time. The Echo Dot with Clock has an LED display that is integrated behind the fabric of the device. It displays you the time, temperature, and count downs of any timers you set on the device. However, the Echo Dot 3rd gen doesn’t own this prominent feature.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen 1
Echo Dot 3rd Gen 1
  • Price

Price is one of the main factors that many customers consider when deciding which Amazon Alexa product to buy. It’s no more a hassle to choose between the two. With only paying $10 more, you can easily buy the Echo Dot, integrated with an LED screen. Hence, there is not much difference between the price of the two speakers.

Wrapping Up

Essentially, apart from the size, look, features, and cost, the LED display is the only difference between the two products. Amazon has already made the choice easy for the customers who wish to have the latest features of the Echo Dot family. The new Echo Dot with clock picked up all the features of the previous Echo Dot 3rd generation along with the latest LED screen and is only priced $10 more than the Echo Dot.


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