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Best and Most Popular Xbox 360 Consoles

In 2016, Microsoft stopped the production of new Xbox 360 consoles and you can still have a lot of fun when you dive deep into the huge library of games on the platform. Even if you have never used Xbox 360 when it was still a modern system, you may want to buy a used console for your child who is getting into gaming or you just want to play some exclusives you might have missed on. Well, there are different reasons for you to choose the Xbox 360.

Best and Most Popular Xbox 360 Consoles

Unlike consoles coming from last generations, the caveat is that Xbox 360 had gone through two major changes and had several models came up in each revision. At a time, it was very doubtful. You may easily know how a lot of options can get confusing if you just have to choose the new Xbox 360.

Here is the brief breakdown of the major hardware changes, along with with some of the vital facts on each of them, if you are searching for the best Xbox 360 consoles. Later on, we will discuss some of the more detailed info about each Xbox 360 console.

Xbox 360

  • Earlier models don’t come with HDMI ports
  • Comes in Core, Elite, Arcade and Premium configurations
  • Arcade model comes with no hard drive

Xbox 360 E

  • Missing AV port for digital optical connection for HDMI only or component video
  • Quieter than last versions
  • Revamped to match the Xbox One’s visual style

Xbox 360 S

  • Features up to 250GB storage
  • In-built Wi-Fi
  • Improved cooling to prevent overheating

Here are the detailed specifications of each Xbox 360 model

Xbox 360 S

Launch Date – June 2010

Connectivity – HDMI, A/V cable (composite, component), S/PDIF

Kinect Port – Yes

Production discontinued in 2016

The Xbox 360 S is also known as Xbox 360 Slim as it is the thinner and slicker version of the original design. It also comes with better airflow, improved cooling, and more fans to avoid overheating problems which were common in the original.  Along with the retooling, Xbox 360 S has some of the major differences.

Xbox 360 S

It features the Kinect port, which is built-in. Therefore, there is no need to use an adapter. It also features digital S/PDIF audio output along with HDMI and A/V connections as the base variant. Unlike several overwhelming configurations in the base variant, the Xbox 360 S variant is available only in 250GB and 4GB variants.


  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi – You do not have to use an adapter or wired Ethernet to play online.
  • Redesigned hardware – Less overheating than the base variant.
  • Redesigned shell – Looks smarter and smaller than the base model.
  • Inbuilt Kinect port – No adapter needed to use Kinect.
  • Ample integrated storage space – The 250 GB variant features more storage than a lot of common versions of Xbox 360.
  • Digital Sound – Features S/PDIF audio output.


  • Not easy to swap between hard drives – You cannot easily replace the hard drive because the hard drive caddy is missing in this model.
  • Memory card slot missing – For removable storage, a USB hard drive is needed to be connected.

Xbox 360 E

Launch date – June 2013

Kinect Port – Available

Connectivity – HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack

Production – Stopped in 2016. However, Microsoft still provides platform support

Xbox 360 EThe Xbox 360 E is more trimmed down variant of Xbox 360 and a bit smaller than Xbox 360 S. It is even quieter and you can still enjoy all the exclusive titles. Along with visual changes, Xbox 360 E also adds some connectors. Nevertheless, there is no A/V connector from the Xbox 360 S and the original Xbox 360. It is the S/PDIF connector.


  • The sleek look – With visual looks identical to Xbox One, the Xbox 360 E is the smallest model of Xbox 360 in the market.
  • Kinect port – It comes with an integrated Kinect port.
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi – You can play your favorite titles out of the box.
  • Added 3.5mm audio jack


  • Not easy to switch hard drives – It is not easy to upgrade hard drive with Xbox 360 E. It still lacks hard drive caddy.
  • No A/V port – There is no A/V port. So, it is not possible to connect via composite or component. HDMI is the only option here.
  • Lacks in memory card slot – Again, there is no memory card slot in this console. It needs a USB hard drive for additional storage.
  • Only a few USB ports – As compared to Xbox 360 S, one USB port is missing.

Xbox 360 Pro, Elite and Arcade

Launch Date – 2005

Connectivity – HDMI (limited models), A/V cable (composite, component)

Kinect port – No, adapter needed

Production – Stopped in 2010

The base variant of Xbox 360 is very complex as it was offered in different configurations. The Premium and Core variants are the original options. Premium version had added A/V cable, more storage, Xbox Live free for one year, and a wireless controller.

Xbox 360 Pro, Elite and Arcade

Later on, Elite and Pro versions were released. You need to buy the Elite version if you want Xbox 360 with HDMI port. Other versions may or may not have HDMI port.


  • With the original Xbox 360, you can get the best value, as it is the cheapest variant in the market.
  • Huge game collection – You can enjoy all the games in Xbox 360 as later versions.
  • Only Xbox 360 which comes with memory card slot – You can now move your Xbox Live Profiles between the consoles and save data.
  • The hard drive is easy to remove – You can easily pop off the hard drive and move to another console with ease.


  • No native support for Kinect – Requires adapter for Kinect.
  • Not much reliable – There is a high failure rate in Xbox 360. Hence, you should look for the one with upgraded hardware.
  • Louder – The disc drive makes a lot of noise as compared to other versions.
  • Lacks in-built Wi-Fi – It requires a Wi-Fi adapter or wired Ethernet connectivity to play games online.

Bottom Line

All Xbox 360 versions can play all exclusive titles. However, older variants are not much reliable. Therefore, it is best to choose the Xbox 360 with upgraded hardware. Choose the one with a higher number than in 0734.


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